John Cave Osborne

John Cave Osborne

John Cave Osborne is a writer who lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife and five children.

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15 Things Every Stepparent Should Know | JCO Multiplied with John ...

I've learned many lessons in my role of stepparent. Here are the 15 most important.


The 5 Different Types of Pregnant Women | Being Pregnant

It seems to me that there are 5 different types of pregnant women.

An Unplanned Pregnancy That Was Part of the Plan | Disney Baby

My wife's unplanned pregnancy turned out to be an integral part of the plan, after all.

Inappropriate Yoga Guy


Parenting Guru: Love is patient

Everyone knows love is patient, especially stepparents.

7 Things Every Parent Should Discuss with Their Children and 3 Things They Absolutely Should Not : Parentables

There are some things you need to tell these guys. Other things? Not so much.

The Good Men Project

Solitude: The Trail — The Good Men Project

The Appalachian Trail is the ultimate test: endurance, perseverance, and surrendering control. And outrun a bear.


10 Things Your Baby Would Tell You if He Could Talk | JCO ...

We're always talking to our babies. But what would our babies say if they could talk to us?


Raising Pretty Girls | JCO Multiplied with John Cave Osborne

How do you raise pretty girls?


The "right" Way to Fold Laundry... According to My Wife | At Home ...

Whenever someone asks me what it's like to have so many young children, I always say the same thing: our life is dense with transactions. My poor wife handles the majority of them, especially during the week.But I'm no slouch, as evidenced by my constant willingness to help out in any number of departments, laundry being chief among them. Only I'm not allowed to actually do the laundry. The vast array of pinkish t-shirts and socks I brought into my marriage, more than enough to earn me a lifetime ban on any such attempt.But I can still dry with the best of them. ...

My Dog is an Idiot

10 Astonishingly Annoying Toys : Parentables

Love the kid, but hate the toy? I know how you feel.

10 Beach Baby Pictures That Make Me Smile | Disney Baby

Our 10 favorite beach baby pictures.


10 Reasons Why I'd Never Want To Be A Toddler Again | JCO ...

Mira Jacob's has 12 reasons she wants to be a toddler again. But I've got 10 reasons why I don't.